"Emma's work is thoughtful and raw, showing her subjects from a unique vantage point that presents faces in a light that is both intimate yet far away" -Girl Gaze


Emma Robinson is a 23 year old Toronto based artist working primarily in film & photography. Emma holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dean's List) in Film from Ryerson University, receiving the Norman Jewison Filmmakers award in her final year of study. Using the body as a medium, Emma's work aims to encapsulate an honest, soulful documentation of her subjects in a single portrait. Emma's work expands into digital art, with distinct collage style lyric videos for musicians. Emma runs a monthly art show for emerging artists through Gallery 576.

Most notably, Emma shot the NIKE x Girl Gaze Air Force 1 Unsung Heroes campaign in Toronto in the winter of 2018. Emma has shot for musicians such as Pleasure Craft, Lovers Touch and Luna Li. Emma completed her BFA with her first film, Sugar Pill. Emma has also taken on many production design roles. Emma takes a documentary approach both in her films and photographs, aiming to start conversations around chronic illness & the representation of marginalized identities. 

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